Submitting your site login information

Submitting Passwords

Submitting passwords to us is easy and secure when you follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in the site admin credentials we will use to access the site
  3. Click "Generate Link"
  4. When submitting a request for a site we have not serviced yet, append the generated link to the body of the request so we can gain immediate access

The beauty of is that it generates a unique link to that file that only you will know. When you send it to us and we open it, the note can never be opened again by anyone else. It self destructs. And therefore makes it an extremely secure and easy way for you to share your login information with us and know it will not cause any security issues.

If you need to use one of our emails to set-up an account please use [email protected] 

Our Password Tools

We use 1Password for our team to manage client passwords. Once you share your password with us in your request via the link, we add it into 1Password. 1Password is extremely secure and means your site credentials are safe.