How do I submit requests to my developer?

Best Way to Submit Requests

There are many ways to contact your developer or support agent when you need one. The easiest way is to submit your request via our ticket system within your RipplePop account at the following link: Our request submission form guides you through the information you need to submit a successful request.

Submitting Passwords

In order for us to do the edits you request, we will need access to the site in question. If this is the first request you are submitting for the site in question, please append the credentials to the end of the message via a link. More information on how to submit your passwords to us here.

Requests Can Also be sent in via email
You can send a request in by emailing  [email protected]. Just make sure you send it from the same email address you have registered with your account you setup during checkout.

Feel free to also copy+paste the following outline into your email if you'd like something to work from:

Page this applies to:
Inspiration/things I like (if applicable):

(*don't forget attachments, subject line describing request)

Live Chat on Our Site
As a final fallback, you can try reaching out to us via the live chat on our website.