Design work we do and don't accept

While we are by no means a design studio or agency, we can do some very basic image and graphic work when it fits under our general guidelines. We can cover basic image manipulation and editing, but beyond that you will want to hire a designer for something like a new logo.

Design work we cover:

  • Photo cropping
  • Image resizing
  • Add a supplied graphic on top of an image (combine two images)
  • Copy the design of an element on a different site
  • Supply suggested imagery from Unsplash

Design work we do not cover:

  • Create a logo
  • Create a Facebook/Instagram/etc banner or profile image
  • Create letterhead
  • Create a business card design
  • Create a poster
  • Create print outs
  • Wireframing
  • Anything else not listed in the "covered" list