How long does it take to complete requests?

Turnaround and Productivity

Often times even simple requests have complexities. Some requests may take a short time to complete, some might take longer depending on the complexity of the request. While we can not provide a specific timeline for when your request(s) will be completed, we can promise there will be daily progress made on your requests.

Tasks get completed faster when you supply all the information we need. If we don't need more information and can take action on a task right away, that reduces back and forth and gets your tasks completed sooner. Smaller requests like plugin updates or image swaps can be done in a business day, things like creating a new page or installing a new membership platform might take longer and we will let you know that when you submit.

Things we often have to ask when a task needs more detail:

  • What page does this request apply to?
  • Can you provide a screenshot showing the issue?
  • Can you attach the media file we need to use?
  • Can you provide a mock up of the changes you want done?
  • Are there any other pages this issue needs fixed on?
  • Were any site changes/updates made which might have caused the current issue?
  • Have you taken a backup of the site?

Deadlines and Prioritizing Requests

If a request you are submitting has an internal deadline for you or your team, it is best to submit that request as soon as you can to give our team time to get it done. However, it should be noted that just because you set a deadline internally for something to be done by tomorrow does not mean our team is bound to your internal deadlines. If you need us to put a request at the top of your pile, just tell us and we can prioritize it. We will then work on it as soon as we can but we can not guarantee that this hits your internal deadlines. We will do our best but we can't make promises, which is why we tell everyone to submit requests with plenty of time before they may be due for you internally.

Special Treatment / Emergencies

The reason our membership has one price, is it makes all of our clients equal. It makes the service we owe all of you equal. No client can come up and demand we do more work for them because they pay more than the other clients. This also means no one gets special treatment. Similar to the deadlines above, we can not give you priority over our other clients. You can't cut in line because you think your problem is more important than our other clients. We have plenty of ways to contact us during an emergency (live chat being a great one) to get more immediate attention if that situation arises. But if you simply messed up your site in a non-critical way, we can prioritize fixing the site within your request queue but it will not cut the queue of the other customers being serviced before you.