How long does it take to complete requests?

Often times even simple requests have complexities. Some requests may take a short time to complete, some might take longer depending on the complexity of the request. While we can not provide a specific timeline for when your request(s) will be completed, we can promise there will be daily progress made on your requests.

Tasks get completed faster when you supply all the information we need. If we don't need more information and can take action on a task right away, that reduces back and forth and gets your tasks completed sooner.

Things we often have to ask when a task needs more detail:

  • What page does this request apply to?
  • Can you provide a screenshot showing the issue?
  • Can you attach the media file we need to use?
  • Can you provide a mock up of the changes you want done?
  • Are there any other pages this issue needs fixed on?
  • Were any site changes/updates made which might have caused the current issue?
  • Have you taken a backup of the site?