What bad requests look like

A bad or poor request is typically one that needs more details or is out of scope of our service. We often get requests that state something like, "Create a new landing page for our new program." That is all that gets provided to us. No attachments, no designs, nothing. As you can tell, we are going to need more information in order to build a landing page. Things like the copy, the images, any forms or interactive elements we need to use, etc should be outlined in the description of your submission.

Here are some bad requests we often see with short explanations as to why they are poor requests:

  • Change the image on the about page. (no image attachment) - This is bad for a few reasons. What image are we replacing? The hero image or the image further down the page? Also, the image was not attached to the card so we can not complete the task until we have the new image that is being swapped in.
  • My site is broken or not working properly. (no more info or description given) - We need more information. When did the site break? Was something installed or updated recently? What potential causes are you aware of? In order to have us be as helpful as possible, the request needs to explain to us how we might more effectively be able to help you.
  • Set up a MailChimp campaign and automation for people who purchase X product. - This is a bad request because it asks us to go into an external service. At its core, RipplePop is a WordPress service and we must be able to complete all of our tasks within the WordPress admin area. Requesting we access an external service like MailChimp, set up a new campagin, and then configure that on your site in this example is deemed out of scope of the service we provide.

As you can see, more often than not a poor request is one that is rushed or needs more information. If you take the time to explain the request in detail you are much less likely to run into any pushback or back and forth on the request. We will always reply to your requests, even if they are bad or out of scope and we will inform you as to what we need to move forward. Our goal is to always help you in whatever way we can. Over time we often see clients get much better with writing their requests in a way that allows our developers to work through them more efficiently.