Creating the perfect request

Thanks to our request submission form within your RipplePop account, creating the perfect request is easy. A "perfect" request is one that needs no further explanation. It is a task that we can get to right away and complete without any further interaction between us. Here are some examples of well written requests that will help expedite the help we can give you.

Example 1

  • Subject: Update WooCommerce to be flat rate shipping in the USA for $5.95.
  • Details: WooCommerce currently calculates shipping based on the location of the user but we want to switch it to flat rate shipping within the USA. The shipping calculator will still apply to international shipments. The shipping for the USA is flat rate $5.95.

Example 2

  • Subject: Create a new image gallery
  • Details: We would like to add a fullscreen image gallery to our about us page. It should be located right before the footer and it should be responsive and work properly on mobile and tablet screens. Attached you will find the images we want included in the gallery.
  • Link to page:
  • Attachments: image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg, image-3.jpg

Example 3

  • Subject: Change the sidebar to the main blog page
  • Details: On our blog we currently have a sidebar that we want to replace the content with new content. First we want a search element, next we want a list to the blog categories, and third we want to show the 3 more recent blog posts. 
  • Link to page:

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