The lifecycle of a request

It is important to know just how your request goes from a form submission (or email) to a delivered request.

So you have just submitted a request, here is what happens next: 

  1. First, your account manager will verify your request has all the details in order for your developer to work on the request. If your developer needs more details they will inform you of what additional details are required for them to begin their work.
  2. The request is then queued for your developer. Your developer will report back on how long a request will take to be completed if it is larger in scope. Your developer then completes the request and changes the status of the request to "Delivered".
  3. You will be alerted when your task is "Delivered" at which point you can let your developer know if everything is looking great, or if something needs more attention.

TLDR; You make a request and we get it done 😊