When is cutoff time?

The cutoff time is 5 pm PDT (4 pm PST).

When you submit a new request before the cutoff time it becomes eligible to be worked on during that evening's shift. If you submit a request or reply past the cutoff time then the request or reply will only be eligible to be worked on the next day's evening shift. 

This is because the Production Team works overnight and needs to have all the requests and replies for that evening's shift lined up and ready to go before they start working.

Priority changes to your queue also need to be communicated before cutoff time to be eligible for that evening's shift.

Cutoff Time Conversions:

  • Pacific Time: 5 pm PDT (4 pm PST)
  • Mountain Time: 6 pm MDT (5 pm MST)
  • Central Time: 7 pm CDT (6 pm CST)
  • Eastern Time: 8 pm EDT (7 pm EST)

For a useful time conversion tool try https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ or https://everytimezone.com